All Things HF: July 2019

An update of the future of Ham radio on Mount Athos as announced by QST magazine.

Monk Iakovos (SV3RSG) has been approved to take over and to operate the radio station on Mount Athos continuing the work of Monk Apollo (SV2ASP/A) SK. Mount Athos is now the 18th most wanted on the DXCC list of worldwide entities. This is good news for the DXCC community worldwide.

For yours truly, this has been a month of medical issues but getting on HF was not brushed aside as calling CQ is what this operator thrives on. All of July’s operating from my radio station was on the 40-meter band utilizing my new inverted vee antenna. How sweet it is as I watched the various dials indicating operating conditions across the 7khz band were all under control. This operator is not bashful about using the after-burner even though its always several hundred watts below legal power, I’m able to get my signal out there in spite of QSB and static crashes.

Getting back to rag chewing is nothing short joy so that’s what I did throughout the month. As band conditions improve (and I hope they will sooner than later) it’ll be interesting to find out how this wire will do on DX. In the event it falls flat on phone operation for DX, the hope is that it’ll work well with the CW mode. As the saying goes, “time will tell”.

That’s about all for this month’s excitement from this station so I’ll close with this reminder…sit down at your station and call CQ because someone somewhere is waiting for your call and keep this in mind, nobody can hear you listening so call CQ. So long from my station for now in Huntersville to your station wherever it might be.

Best 73 es gud DX de WØZPE Bob Feuer

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