All Things HF: June 2019

All Things HF
The station for WØZPE uses all monoband Yagi antennas. Lots of aluminum up there on a single tower along with 2 power poles with side mounted rotors. Power poles work out just fine plus they look a lot better than a tower.

A decision was made to install a wire antenna for 40-meters rather than using a vertical. The 7khz band is fun both day and night with lots of good operators and when band conditions are good, lots of available DX.

A purchase was made of a commercial wire made up as a half wave center fed inverted vee with a 1to1 balun all fabricated ready to install. The lead line from my station goes over the roof of the house then underground in PVC to the antenna location. A 20 ft. section of ½ inch black iron pipe is being used as the center support and is mounted on an ersatz totem pole that was fixed to a section of 2X6 wood fencing putting the apex at 24 ft. above grade.

On completing the install, my antenna analyzer showed no more than 1:2 to 1 VSWR’s across the entire bandwidth (bless these monobanders) so it was no surprise when I set the station up for operation including the amplifier, that my first contact went perfectly. This wire and balun will take full legal power with the amplifier showing no issues as it was being used.

Prior to writing this blog, WØZPE worked 17 stations on 40-meters for Field Day as 1 Hotel (unable to find WØUJ) but had a blast. The band was very crowded so the amplifier made it easier to get through the noise and the pileups. Getting a new antenna is fun as it helps put some pizzazz in ones station as you get answers to your CQ’s.

Don’t forget to sit at your station and call CQ as there’s someone somewhere listening for your call, don’t disappoint them. So long from my station in Huntersville to your station wherever it my be.

Best 73 es gud DX from WØZPE

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