September 2019 BAARC Secretary’s Report

President: Steve Mott NØCRM
Vice President: Lyle Amundson KØLFV
Treasurer: Doug Bergsnev WØDWB
Secretary: Ron Finger KØGOP
Past Presidents: Charles Lane W5CCL, Al Doree WØRC
Director At Large: John Luce WØWY
Director of Emergency Communications: Dave Schuldheisz KØISZ
Repeater Trustee: Mitch Ahrenstorff ADØHJ
Community & Special Events Coordinator: Mark Cross KEØLFQ
Attendees: Steve NØCRM, Doug WØDWB, Ron KØGOP, Al WØRC, John WØWY, Dave KØISZ, and Roger WØWUG. The President opened the Board Meeting at 4:00 PM.

Secretary’s Report: 

  • Membership roster: 71 members with 67 paid for 2019 (as of membership meeting close). The Club roster can be found on the Club website under the “Resources/Members Only” area. Current paid members can request an individual password for access via the “Contact Us” form.
  • Minutes: The July meeting minutes were posted to the club website.. 
  • Correspondence: None.
  • Documents: 2 Appreciation plaques were designed and sent to Tom KTØMMY for laser engraving.
  • Membership ID’s: 4 new Club IDs.
  • Club website banner art for Baxter Triathlon and Haunted Trail events.
  • Motion to accept: John WØWY, Second Al WØRC, Passed. 

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The Secretary presented the report forwarded to the board showing all month’s account transactions and balances to date. 
  • Motion to accept: Al WØRC, Second John WØWY, Passed

Membership Meeting Programs: 

  • The President reviewed recent and future Club Programs.
  • John WØWY discussed the evening’s PulsePoint program and EOC update.
  • Future meeting dates: October 24, 7 PM, Brainerd Fire Station, November 21, 7 PM, Brainerd Fire Station, December 12, Holiday Party, Time and place TBD.

Recent / Upcoming Events: The following events were discussed: 

  • Northland Arboretum “Haunted Trail”: Friday, Saturday, October 18-19, 2019, Brainerd.
  • “Pulse Point” presentation: September 26 Membership Meeting.

Digital and Emergency Communications:

  • Al WØRC reported that 5 individuals tested and passed the VE test session he provided during the Courage Kenny Handiham camp at Lake George. The Board thanked Al for his efforts in supporting this important program.
  • John WØWY discussed the rescheduled rooftop work at the Brainerd Hi-Rise repeater site. The Club will have the opportunity next May to remove any un-needed heavy equipment courtesy of the crane work crew that will be doing other work at that time. This opportunity is much preferred rather than doing it ourselves via the elevator and stairs.

Old Business:  

  • Remote Base Station: Working well at present location.
  • Club information document: no activity to report.
  • Club Website: discussed event updates.
  • The Secretary completed designs for an appreciation plaque for Scott Goddard, CWC Sheriff, and John Bowen CWC Emergency Management Director and furnished to Tom KTØMMY to laser-engrave for the Club. John Bowen’s presentation to occur at evening meeting, Scott Goddard TBA.

Club Repeaters Status:

  • Gull Lake: Mitch will be installing ground strap and new connectors. Nick and Mitch working on new rack-mount PCs.
  • Crosby: No new items
  • Crow Wing Power: No new items.
  • Cross Lake: No new items.
  • High-rise Site: No new items.

New Business:

  • No new business.

The Board Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM.


The President called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Following the business meeting, the Club enjoyed an informative presentation on “PulsePoint” lifesaving assistance software by Brainerd Fire Chief Tim Holmes and Dr Paul Alegria.  “PulsePoint Respond” empowers everyday citizens to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest.  Additional info at: Next, John Bowen, CWC Emergency Management Director gave an update on the progress of the new CWC Emergency Operations Center.

—Respectfully submitted by Ron KØGOP, Secretary

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