Our dues support the repeaters and club activities—-everything costs money, unfortunately. Thus, we would be honored to have you in our ranks. Just send in the .pdf application form. Dues are $25/year. Additional Family Members are $10/year. Student Members pay $10/year. The dues-year is January 1st thru December 31st.

Membership Application

Lifetime Member Rates

  • Age 30 and Under $600.00
  • Age 31-40 $500.00
  • Age 41-50 $400.00
  • Age 51-60 $300.00
  • Age 61-70 $200.00
  • Age 71-80 $100.00
  • Age 81 and over $50.00

Why should I be a member?

  • About 90 members….a great club to belong to.
  • The club is involved in 10 or more volunteer community service activities per year.
  • This club participates in Field Day every June.
  • Summer Fox Hunt and Picnic.
  • Summer Dinner and Winter Dinner for members and guests.
  • Meets last Thursday of every month at 7 PM. See the Events Calendar.
  • Fun and informative presentations after most monthly meetings.
  • Breakfast on the first and third Saturday mornings at 9 AM at the Northwind Grille.
  • Sunday night net on 147.225+ MHz at 8 PM.

Club year runs from January until the next January. Membership includes the right to: participate at club meetings, vote at club meeting, hold a club office, participate in club activities, access to the Members Only portion of the BAARC website, and receive the monthly BAARCer newsletter.

The club is a 501C3 non-profit corporation. Any contributions are gratefully appreciated and are tax deductible.

Numerous other activities. BAARC members are on call at all times to serve as needed in the case of emergency. The Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club has over 85 members, most of whom live within 30 miles of Brainerd. Members from the Twin Cities, other parts of the state, and even from other states also lend a hand when they are in the area.