Net Script



Good evening, this is ____(first name & callsign)____ your net control station for the regular Sunday Night Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club Repeater Net.  My station is located at ___________________.  This net meets every Sunday evening at 8 PM on this frequency and is intended as both a practice for emergency operations: (ARES: Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and for the friendly exchange of information.  All licensed amateurs are to invited to check in.  Membership in the BAARC or any other amateur radio organization is not required.  We especially like to hear from visitors to our area.

Emergency traffic may break into the net at any time.

When invited to check-in, stations are asked to respond with their call sign suffix only.  I will listen until I have heard 5 or 6 stations and then call on them in the order received.  When called, each station should respond with their full callsign, name, and location, followed by any and all appropriate greetings, announcements, and comments for the net.  

We will begin check-ins with any short-time or mobile stations.  Call and speak slowly and clearly with your suffix only now..

I will now take regular check-ins.  Call and speak slowly and clearly with your suffix only now.. 


This is __(first name & callsign)___.  Thank you for participating in the regular Sunday Night Net for the Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club.  Please join us again next Sunday evening at 8 PM for another net.  This is ____(callsign)___  good evening.