The Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club 145.67 MHz BBS-Node. The antenna is located at about 120’ above ground near the center of  Brainerd.  The BBS service call sign is WØUJ.

MNBRD packet node upgraded. The MNBRD (WØUJ) packet node on the Brainerd HRA high rise is now a full service BBS. On June 29, 2005, Jerry, NØMR and I (Al, WØRC) upgraded the 145.67 MHz packet node from a simple connect node to a full service BBS, much like the old BBS’s of the old packet days. This node is running JNOS software which is much better than the old programs that used to be on the BBS’s. It still functions as a connect node as it did in the past but has many more capabilities. This was done to provide a local node for hospitals & public health departments as well as other hams in the area to become familiar with the packet digital mode of communications. 

You will notice some things different when you log in. You will be greeted with the following banner: WELCOME TO THE TCPIP AX25 SYSTEM WØUJ. 

You have (x) messages. AREA: (Your Call). Current msg# Ø.


The string of letters are the letters representing the commands the system will respond to such as:

C = connect, S = send, B = bye or disconnect. If you type the (?), the system will give a short meaning of each command. The only other thing different when connecting to another node is you have to also put in the port number as the following example: c 1 mnisle, or c 1 mnlf2. c 1 mnisle will connect you to the new Isle, MN node and c 1 mnlf2 will connect you to the Little Falls node.

When you log in, you can use either MNBRD or WØUJ, you will establish an AREA with your call sign so that if someone wants to send you packet mail, it will go into your mail box, or if you want to send someone a packet message, it will go in their mail box. When the system sends out a beacon, it will list the call signs of people that have new mail in their mail box. Please give it a try and let me know if you have any problems or questions. We can help you get up to speed using packet again. Good Luck, 73 de Al WØRC