31st Annual Mid Minnesota 150 Dogsled race

On a very crisp Saturday morning (February 9, 2019), a group of amateur radio operators from the Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club (BAARC), along with a large number of other volunteers helped Mid Minnesota 150 Dogsled race.

Al Doree W0RC and Shirley KC0DCW once again chaired the event and provided coordination of the event.

Once again we were able to partner with the Crow Wing County Sheriff to help with net control communications.

The following is list of operators and locations.

Net Control: Shirley KØDCW and Terry KIØFW


A – John WØWY / Alan AAØAS– Start Line – Outing

B – Al WØRC – South shore & Lawrence Lake Rd

C – Mark KEØLFQ / Nancy – Hwy. 58 Crossing

D – Steve NØCRM – Pikus Road & Power Line

F – Ron KØGOP – North Windy Lake & Hwy 57

G – Doug WØDWB – Tee on Hwy 57 & Hwy 20 (318th St.)

H – Hwy 57 & SOO Line Trail

I – Leon KEØAFY – SOO Line Trail (88th Ave. NE) & Hwy 200

J – John WØWY / Alan AAØAS – Finish Line in Remer




January 26th, 2019 Brainerd Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza

The Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club again provided emergency communications for this big-draw charitable event. As in recent years, the Crow Wing County Sheriffs office provided their communications trailer for our use. However, due to a last-minute electrical issue, we were switched to the dive team trailer, which worked just fine.
We want to thank Mark, KEØLFQ and Shirley KØDCW for providing net control duties, John WØWY for transporting operators from the parking areas to the lake access, Ron KØGOP for providing safety watch at the bus drop off point, Terry KIØFW for staffing the First Aid tent and Al WØRC for providing transport to center ice.
Things went smoothly this year, with only minor issues in the First Aid tent.  A truck did break through the ice behind the workers tent, but was quickly recovered without problems. The weather was sunny and moderate for January and the Jaycees again provided a hot lunch for all workers.

2018 BAARC Field Day Results

W0UJ's Contest Summary Report for ARRL-FIELD-DAY
Created by N3FJP's ARRL Field Day Contest Log
Version 5.8  www.n3fjp.com

Total Contacts = 287
Total Points = 452

Operating Period: 2018/06/23 19:30 - 2018/06/24 12:55

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band   CW Phone Dig Total %
----   -- ----- --- ----- ---
  80    0     0   5     5   2
  40   27     2  28    57  20
  20   71   112  22   205  71
  15   12     1   0    13   5
   2    0     6   0     6   2
  70    0     1   0     1   0
----   -- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 110   122  55   287 100

Total Contacts by Operator:

Operator Total   %
-------- ----- ---
AD0HJ      114  40
K0LFV       69  24
K0GOP       55  19
KC0NAF      30  10
W0NY        14   5
KE0RUG       4   1
KE0AFZ       1   0

Total = 7

2018 Field Day Form Page 1
2018 Field Day Form Page 2
2017 Field Day Contact Map

Forestview Middle School Balloon Launch SUCCESS!

On May 16th, 2018 Jim Reed and Cory Olson, Forestview Middle School teachers, finally were able to get a flight path prediction for their long awaited balloon launch. They selected a small ball field in Cushing, MN as launch site and as it turned out, it was the perfect site to use. The balloon was a 3000 gram balloon, which means it was bigger than the other balloons they launched, usually 1200 grams.

The balloon launched at 4:50 PM and headed southeast as expected. The balloon burst at 6:19 PM at an altitude of 111,003 ft. We started tracking as soon as it was launched, but did not hurry as everyone was tracking it either by APRS or an APRS app on their smart phones. Jim and Cory positioned us near where it looked like it would land and they were not far off.

Ron, KØGOP was on the 147.225 repeater assisting with tracking information on aprs.fi. As it turned out, it landed in an open farmers field near Lastrup, MN. The home owner, an elderly lady, was sure surprised when she saw 8 or 10 cars coming up her driveway. One of her sons was still there so he helped recover the balloon with his ATV.

The other coincidence was that one of her daughters is also the Managing Editor of the Morrison Co Record. She arrived in a little while and Jim, Cory and the HAB club will get some well deserved publicity from the Record.

All in all it turned out be be a very good flight. This makes 100% recovery for the club.

73′ Al Doree WØRC

Attached is an APRS map showing the balloon flight in RED and the tracking crew path in GREEN.