October 2021 All Things HF

October 2021
All Things HF

More news on Bouvet Island. Another team has thrown their hat into the
ring and this makes DXpedition attempt number 4, with another vessel
since the MV Braveheart was sold and retired from DXpeditions. This
group will be using a sea-going yacht built completely of aluminum. The
vessel is 101-feet long with a displacement of 68 tons. Mainly operating
with sails and wind power, the vessel has a 320 HP diesel engine by John Deer.

The call will be 3YØJ with 12 operators on station for 20 days in the
month of November. There will be no helicopters used for access to
the Island. There are other plans including the use of inflatable boats
along with various systems of landing, hauling and modes of lifting their
equipment up to the operating position. The team will be mostly made up
of Norwegian operators. The NCDXF (Northern California DX
Foundation) has written a check in the amount of $100-thousand to
support the DXpedition…this is going to be the real thing this time

A short note on DX conditions worldwide…there are good conditions
and good opportunities to work good DX. Get on the air and get the
best our hobby has to offer. That’s all for now from my station in
Huntersville to yours, wherever it may be. Get on the air and call CQ,
someone somewhere is listening for your call.

Best 73 es gud DX Bob WQZPE

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