All Things HF: February 2019

I detest the word ‘Amateur’ and its multiple meanings. The word ‘Amateur’ is both a noun and an adjective depending how it is used. How about this…as a synonym its usually associated with one or more of the following descriptions: incompetent, inept, bungler, useless, botched, crude and so it goes on and on.
If asked, I reply, I’m a Ham Radio Operator plus I’m good at what I do. So are the rest of you license holders. We’re good, we’re talented and we’re there when we are needed to provide our expertise in the event of disasters. We can communicate with other Hams around the corner, across this country, and even across the oceans of the world to far away exotic places with skills that make us Ham Radio Operators…not Amateurs.
Remember all of you Ham Radio Operators to sit at your stations to call CQ to other talented Ham Radio Operators who are anxiously waiting to QSO with you…don’t disappoint them. So long from my station in Huntersville to your Ham Radio Station wherever it may be.
Best 73 es gud DX from Bob Feuer WØZPE

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