All Things HF: June

Did you ever wonder who the operator is on the other end of the microphone as the QSO begins.?

Can he/she carry on an intelligent conversation, can he/she contribute or is this going to be a boring one way street. The one thing you might find helpful is having an exit strategy especially one that does not insult the other operator?always be helpful and courteous and be kind. I?m sorry, I have to cut this short. My daughter is calling long distance from New York or?my wife just returned home and she?s crying?got to go. Hey, sometimes it happens so be sure to close by thanking him/her for the QSO and best 73. Whew, The dude on the other end several years ago was an electrical engineer (as he told me several times) who was sure my station was improperly grounded even though he?d never seen my layout. When I explained that I had followed protocol, he explained that the protocol I used was incorrect (exit strategy where are you). On this particular occasion I unceremoniously pushed the button?not a very good idea. I should have used my exit strategy. Don?t be confrontational during a QSO, be nice, be a good radio operator. Don?t tell the other operator he has an annoying carrier with his signal or he?s splattering?use your exit strategy and show him what a good operator you are. Let someone else complain. The art of the QSO is what makes both microphones enjoy the experience, this is what the hobby is all about. I venture to say I?ve learned more about the art of conversation from some of the best there are?Ham radio operators. Another thing to keep handy along with your exit strategy is ?common sense?. Don?t use it sparingly it costs you nothing. I truly believe that common sense is the glue that keeps this wonderful hobby together and spans so many cultures and so many languages. With band conditions poor for much DX, the good old art of doing a good QSO (rag chew, conversation) or whatever you want to call it, is king for now and so I?m not unhappy with that. Remember, sit down at your station and get something going by calling CQ because someone somewhere is listening for your call. So long for now from Huntersville. Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/W0ZPE

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