All Things HF: September 2018

I cannot say that the month of September was without its incidents. I awoke at 4:00AM one morning on the floor where I had fallen. My next recollection was an ambulance ride to St. Josephs Hospital in Park Rapids then to the emergency room when I blacked out again. The following morning I awoke to find tubes, wires and bags of colored liquid hanging from a stand next to my bed. A Doctor was taking my blood pressure while explaining that I had Pneumonia.

Hot diggity dog and all that good stuff as I asked when I could go home?there was a chuckle then he was gone. Okay, 3 days later I was on my way home to recuperate while playing HF radio.

So, here I am doing just that. There has been spotty DX into Europe along with plenty of operators in the US looking for a good signal to talk to. Since returning from my hospital experience there?s been plenty of rag chew opportunities mostly on 20-meters. Most of my QSO?s were generated by stations answering my CQ as I stood bye for a call. If you?re like me you keep an eye open to one of the many DX spotting sites on the internet so you might jump on a call in Europe to work SSB or perhaps a signal working CW. I might add that there have been some good openings to Central America on both phone along with some on CW.

I?ve made some changes (additions) to my operating table by adding a pull out flat desk top making it easier to write on. My CW paddle is now easier to access plus its no longer crowded with paper and writing materials. Tomorrow is the first day of fall as I prepare to stay busy on HF all the way from fall to the end of winter so I am looking forward to some good HF experiences. A bit of advice::::getting old is not for sissies so hang in there and don?t forget to sit down at your station and call CQ because someone somewhere is listening for your call.

Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/W?ZPE

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