DX and the Paper Chase: The final chapter

DX and the Paper Chase
I’ve been writing this column for about 5 years and have
enjoyed it immensely. During that 5 year period I worked DX
and chased the paper (QSL cards) diligently until my goal of
working and confirming at least 300 countries and entities
was realized. My goal was reached this year with 10 countries
to spare. I’m in the ARRL DXCC at 310 confirmed. As I look
back from the beginning, 19 years have past since receiving
my first DX QSL card. Now I’d like to shift gears and share
my experiences in operating HF. Some of you old timers
already know the ins and outs of operating skills. Some of the
new Hams may not, so there’s where my focus will be. Sunspot
Cycle 24 was more or less a bust as compared to the sunspot
cycles preceding it. There are still 2+ years left in the
present cycle and it?s not pretty. Operating HF during this
‘minimum’ will be challenging to say the least, and DX a bit
more difficult. Hope to see you next month and don’t give up
on DX?-Best 73 from Bob/W?ZPE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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