All Things HF

June 12, 2021

Band conditions have continued to improve almost on a daily basis with an increase in sunspot numbers along with an increase in the solar flux index. Good signals are worldwide on the HF bands. 

On the late afternoon of June 7th yours truly was on HF calling CQ with my 17 meter beam pointed to the west taking advantage of greyline propagation which I’ve been doing from the git-go…I enjoy rattling chains of California operators. 

An answer to my call came from VK4SX in Queensland, Australia with an S5+ signal and yes, I was surprised to say the least. Calling CQ is what I enjoy most when operating SSB HF. To my way of thinking, having an opportunity to engage another operator in real time with real conversation is the essence of this hobby. 

I don’t mean to exclude operating CW which is quickly becoming (almost) more fun than SSB. This is the very tradition of Ham Radio. Meanwhile, change is happening at ARRL headquarters as a digital transformation is in the making. All well and good but…not for me. I’ll still be pounding brass and calling on SSB rather than looking at waterfalls. 

That’s a wrap for now as I practice what I preach by sitting at my station calling CQ because someone somewhere in this world of traditional radio is listening for your call, don’t disappoint them. So long for now from my station in Huntersville to your radio station wherever it may be… 

Best 73 es gud DX de Bob WØZPE 

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