All Things HF: June 2018

Happy Field Day guys and gals?I wish I were with you but having an old white haired dude with a pony tail using a walker to get from point A to point B doesn?t really represent today?s Ham Radio Operator. I?m going to have to be satisfied in working Field Day making contacts from my comfort zone in my airconditioned cave. Good luck and good fortune working your contacts today.

The Baker/Howland DXpedition has left Pago Pago by ship with all their gear, food, shelter expected to arrive at KH1 on the 26th in a couple of days. Propagation isn?t the best but it?ll be all the sweeter getting that ATNO in the log if we have to work harder to get the job done. Unfortunately their permit does not allow directional beam antennas plus?they are restricted to 48 feet of antenna height so we?re going to be working verticals that are omni-directional without the good gain of a Yagi antenna.

It is what it is so plan to make the best of what we?re offered. I suppose these restrictions have something to do with protecting the Island?s bird inhabitants. I?ve been working on improving my CW skills just in case I miss making contact on SSB. Failure is not an option so I?m getting myself psyched up in preparation for next week?s fun on the globe?s equator. That?s about it for this month from my station in Huntersville to your station once again wishing you luck on Field Day. Remember to activate your station and start calling CQ so the station awaiting your call can answer you from out there somewhere someplace in radioland?


Best 73 es gud DX de Bob/W?ZPE

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