All Things HF: May 2018

All Things HF
It seems like I spend more time keeping my station free of dust these days than I do using it. After all, it is summer (almost) so lots of time is spent below the pergola on the back deck nursing a cold beverage. After our very long and very cold winter, sitting outdoors watching the wildlife is almost as rewarding as getting into a rag chew on HF. What I really needed to do was to peak my interest in getting back on the air.

I decided to improve my CW skills by a daily practice session at my desk rather than using the built in radio CW practice set-up. My desk set-up includes a Vibroplex CW paddle connected to a battery operated keyer with automatic dits along with adjustable speed controls. The keyer is manufactured by GHD and is available from Morse Express.

In the meantime, the DXpedition to Baker/Howland Islands scheduled for June, is going to get my undivided attention for an ATNO on both phone and CW. Both my antenna systems and radio station are capable of making the trip but the propagation Gods are will determine the outcome. I have my fingers crossed?

That?s all for this month so remind yourself to sit at your station and call CQ (you might consider using CW) because someone somewhere is listening for your call, don?t disappoint them. So long from my station in Huntersville to your station wherever it may be.

Best 73 es gud DX Bob/W?ZPE

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