All Things HF: November 2017

First thing out of the chute would be my observations on HF band conditions from late October to the middle of November. There were a dozen days in a row with no sunspots observed resulting in low SFI numbers. As we all know, HF propagation improves during the winter months for whatever reason even though the aforementioned numbers are less than encouraging. I am on HF almost every day looking for whatever is available with good signals whether it be DX or a rag chewing QSO.

The past 30 days have been proven once again, HF propagation is good during the winter months regardless of sunspots or lack thereof allowing me to enjoy what I like best in this hobby and that?s getting on the bands calling CQ or answering a DX looking for ATNO?s for his/hers 5 band DXCC.

From the git go I have always logged every HF contact made using contact software for my logging computer. Logging is not a requirement of the FCC and so its up to the operator to log or not to log. I started chasing DX for awards as soon as I had HF privileges along with working all states, all continents including working all zones. Logging was a necessity plus I always felt logging was the responsible way to operate. After long conversations with myself along with achieving the awards, I decided to quit logging with two exceptions. I will log all ATNO?s along with logging for anyone who needs my QSL card.

Its improved my disposition (smile) while operating HF along with removing a self-imposed requirement while working contests, casual rag chews and answering DX CQ?s that are nothing more than a contact lasting 10 seconds. There are lots of valid reasons to log all HF contacts for those of you working the paper chase along with those of you that work multiple digital modes?as for me, I?m getting more laid back in my operating procedures.

Now its time to remind you operators, log or no log, to sit at your station, find an open frequency and call CQ because someone somewhere is listening for your call?don?t disappoint them. Have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving from my station in Huntersville to your station.

Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/W?ZPE

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