President:?Steve Mott N?CRM
Vice President:?John Luce W?WY
Treasurer:?Doug Bergsnev W?DWB
Secretary:?Ron Finger K?GOP
Past Presidents:?Charles Lane W5CCL, Al Doree W?RC
Director At Large:?Lyle Amundson K?LFV
Director of Emergency Communications:?Dave Schuldheisz K?ISZ
Repeater Trustee:?Mitch Ahrenstorff AD?HJ
Community & Special Events Coordinator:?TBD

Attendees:?Steve N?CRM, John W?WY, Lyle K?LFV, Al W?RC, Shirley K?DCW, and Mitch AD?HJ. The President opened the Board Meeting at 4 PM.

Secretary?s Report:?

  • Membership roster: 90 members. The Club roster can be found on the Club website under the??Resources/Members Only?? Current paid members can request an individual password for access via the??Contact Us??form.
  • Minutes: There were no formal meetings in August due to the annual Club Picnic and Fox Hunt.
  • Correspondence:
  • Motion to accept: Al W?RC, SecondShirley K?DCW,??

Treasurer?s Report:?The Treasurer?s report was forwarded to the board showing all month?s account transactions and balances to date.

  • Club Equipment Sales: were approximately $800.
  • Tailgate Hamfest Sales: $380.00
  • Club Container and post expenditures: $2286.00
  • Kiwanis Club donation to Club: $100
  • Jaycee Run for the Lakes donation to Club: $250

Membership Meeting Programs:?The Vice President reviewed recent and future Club programs and events. At the October meeting, interested members will present a ?Show and Tell? program on various Ham radio projects.

Upcoming Events:?

Haunted Trail event (Friday-Saturday on October 20-21, 7-9PM)

  • Ron K?GOP has contacted the Northland Arboretum, and they are looking forward to our help again this year. The new Executive Director is Vicky Foss, taking over from Matthew Hall this spring.
  • Event dates have been moved to a Friday-Saturday on October 20-21, 7-9PM. They request we arrive at 5:30-6PM for a meal and early deployment in the parking and trail assignments.
  • Ron will volunteer to chair this event again this year, and is happy to co-chair with anyone else interested. Ron will prepare a quick briefing for our members, along with a sign-up sheet for tonight.

CQ WW SSB contest October 28th-29th

  • The CQ WW is the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world. Over 35,000 participants will take to the airwaves on the last weekend of October (SSB) and November (CW) with the goal of making as many contacts with as many different DXCC entities and CQ Zones as possible.

Digital & Emergency Communications:?

UPDATE: 9/28:

  • Mitch delivered a repeater for Doug to use.
  • Mitch attended the Duluth clubs meeting and heard news about the new Fusion repeater.
  • Doug has already returned their repeater, they seem to have other issues.
  • N0Eo-ND is now working.
  • Packet node going back on Mille Lacs tower, VHF packet station can go from the north to the twin cities.

Old Business:?


  • Move Website Server computer into the new rack at Crosby.
  • Nick has a newer bigger better server? Hard Drives, (Nick/Lyle)
  • New rack for the server
  • Network is slower at Crosby

Club Remote Station

  • Determine a viable multi-band antenna for our remote station antenna.
  • 80-40 and tune to what we need Alpha-Delta Need to shorten it.
  • Mount and test the antenna at the high-rise (Antenna did not have good bandwidth).
  • Move radio and interface into the high-rise.

EOC Station

  • New EOC configuration again. (Dave S./John Bowen)
  • EOC ham station is going to be re-vamped. The LEC move EOC will cause a Re-do our station again with and the design will provided an elevated desk.
  • County board is reviewing design prints.

Repeater linking

  • Due to the firmware that is running on the Wires-X machines, we have hit a limitation with the processing power of the Latte Panda PC’s
  • We have tested a different processor including a common rack-mount PC/Wires-X system that can be replicated at each of the repeater sites and supports our common goal to have common equipment across our systems.
  • A replacement computer provided by Lyle still has the same issues
    • The Newer rack mount system PC’s (2 At Crosby are working)
    • Nick working on the third one for Crow Wing Power replacement.
  • Request was verbalized and shared with the board. In a holding pattern until the Wires-X linking test between Crosby and Crow Wing power is set-up, run, and demonstrated for a test period.

New Business:

Expenditures requests/discussions:

  • New Club Storage container
    • Need to determine Key Holders
    • Lyle, Ron, Al
    • Need to Put Key Holder names and phone numbers on a plate to attach to storage container.
    • John, Lyle and cell numbers.
  • Of late of we have heard a few comments about our BAARC’er/Blog part of our BAARC Website not being updated and or having recent Club Activities added. I have talked to Dave Anderson KE?IUZ and he has agreed to update this part of our Website as long as Club Members forward to him the pictures and or articles to be published.?? We have a great start to our new Website, however we should make every effort to keep it current. We can talk more about this at our upcoming Board Meeting.
    • Steve and Mitch have been doing updates.
    • Steve has not been to the Triathlon or the Fox Hunt/Picnic and has not received any photo from anyone for those events
    • Tried to update the Blog with September “All Things HF” but appeared that the server was down late Sunday evening.
  • BAARC Website – Dave Anderson KE?IUZ approval to update the BAARC’er part of our website.
    • Let the club know.
    • Send out his email.
  • Old Large BAARC Trailer – We have a person who is interested in buying ($800-$1000)
  • Should we sell and or spend additional funds on insurance and maintenance?
    • Doug has provided a verbal Yes vote to sell
    • Al has provided a Yes vote to sell
    • Lyle yes
    • John Yes

The Board Meeting was adjourned at 5:20 PM.


The President opened the Club membership business meeting at 7 PM with 23 members and guests present. Mark KE?LFQ suggested the Club consider supporting the Shriners 5K Turkey Run to be held at 7:00 AM on Thanksgiving Day. The course will include areas located at the Armory and CWC Fairground sites. A show of hands indicated 4 interested operators at present. Pat Goff from Crow Wing Power Cooperative once again provided an informative and interesting program on electrical grounding.

–Respectfully submitted by?Ron K?GOP, Secretary

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