All Things HF: October 2018

All Things HF
Summer clothes are put away as sweats, hoodies and mittens take their place. The leaves have turned with most fallen to the ground. Our deer feeders are in place as we stock pile their winter feed. Yep, winter whether we like it or not is here with below freezing temps (soon to be below zero) as snow covers the landscape.

I celebrated another birthday, wow, living in the fast lane went away many years ago. I spent the day on HF looking for DX but instead made many QSO?s around the country. The best reliable openings have been on 20-meters with very good signals from east to west. Most of you will remember Jim K?TXT along with his XYL Sharon KB?SQX who were long time members of the BAARC now living in Arkansas?Jim answered one of my CQ?s, what a pleasure it was to hear his voice again. Both pass on greetings to the BAARC club membership. There is nothing better than running into old friends on HF. With many more shut-in days ahead, I am looking forward to whatever comes back to my CQ calling.

Halloween, the deer opener, Thanksgiving then Christmas are all in the next 60+ days so you?ll find me wishing my contacts a very Merry Christmas coming up. I can?t wait for the greetings they?ll come back with such as Happy Holiday or just plain thank you?it?s interesting that in different parts of the country they?ll say Merry Christmas then in another (mostly the west coast) its happy holiday?hey, different strokes for different folks. As for this operator, I celebrate everything and anything as I call a spade a spade, if it quacks it?s a duck.

Veterans day is next month so lets thank a vet for his/her service. I?m also reminded that it?s the 100th anniversary of the ending of the war to end all wars?you betcha. Many years ago I had the privilege to work a veteran of WWl on HF as he celebrated his 105th birthday. Wow, you just never know who is going to be at the other end of the microphone. That?s all from my radio station in Huntersville to your station wherever it may be?do yourself a favor, sit down at your station to call CQ because there?s someone somewhere listening for your call, don?t disappoint them.

Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/W?ZPE

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