President: Steve Mott NØCRM
Vice President: John Luce WØWY
Treasurer: Doug Bergsnev WØDWB
Secretary: Ron Finger KØGOP
Past Presidents: Charles Lane W5CCL, Al Doree WØRC
Director At Large: Lyle Amundson KØLFV
Director of Emergency Communications: Dave Schuldheisz KØISZ
Repeater Trustee: Mitch Ahrenstorff ADØHJ
Community & Special Events Coordinator: Mark Cross KEØLFQ

Attendees: Steve NØCRM, Doug WØDWB, John WØWY, Ron KØGOP, Al WØRC, Shirley KØDCW, Mitch ADØHJ, and Roger WØWUG. The President opened the Board Meeting at 4 PM.

Secretary’s Report: 

  • Membership roster: 74 members with 8 unpaid for 2018. The Club roster can be found on the Club website under the“Resources/Members Only”  Current paid members can request an individual password for access via the “Contact Us” form.
  • Minutes: The July 2018 meeting minutes were posted to the“Baarcer” area. There were no business meetings for August.
  • Correspondence: None.
  • Documents: Updated Club membership roster and Gmail contacts database.
  • Membership ID’s: 2 new Club ID’s.
  • Club Website: New banner graphic for October; Northland Arboretum’s Haunted Trail event.
  • Motion to accept: Al WØRC, SecondJohn WØWY,  

Treasurer’s Report: The President presented the Treasurer’s report that was forwarded to the board showing all month’s account transactions and balances to date.

  • Motion to accept: John WØWY, SecondAl WØRC, Passed

Membership Meeting Programs: 

  • The President reviewed recent and future Club programs and events. Al WØRC suggested a program on Software Defined Radio (SDR). Mitch ADØHJ said another member is exploring VHF/UHF “meteor scatter” which might be another possibility.
  • The Fire Department meeting location is unavailable for November and December. John will check into using the Brainerd Chamber of Commerce CTC meeting room for the November 29th and December 20th dates.

Upcoming Events: The following events were discussed:

Northland Arboretum’s Haunted Trail event

  • Friday October 19 – Saturday October 20, 2018, 6:00PM – 9:30 PM
  • Need Club operators to patrol “Scare Spots” over the 2-hour event
  • Meal provided; contact Ron KØGOP to sign up.

CQ WW DX SSB Contest

  • Saturday October 27-Sunday October 28, 2018

2019 BAARC Hamfest

  • Saturday, April 6, 2019
  • Al WØRC has secured the date with the Brainerd Armory.

Digital & Emergency Communications: 

ARES Connect Update:

  • John reported that we need to find someone to get our Club up to speed using WinLink, per ARES request for use with SKYWARN, etc.
  • Mitch ADØHJ volunteered to do this.
  • October 3rd ARES Test: Need to contact Doug Nelson or Jerry Groeneveld regarding our expected Club role.


  • No updates on construction progress allowing reactivating our Club station there.


  • Al WØRC reported that the APRS PC has been going offline recently, but seems to be holding a connection for now.

Old Business: 

Repeater Sites:

  • Gull Lake:
    • Mitch ADØHJ requested a work session with Al and Roger to connect the new Heliax.
  • Crosby:
    • No new items.
  • Crow Wing Power:
    • No new items.
  • Cross Lake:
    • No new items.
  • High-rise Site:
    • OCF-Dipole remote station antenna seems to work well, but will likely need resonance adjustments when placed in the final roof-top environment.

Storage Unit:

  • Lyle KØLFV ahs acquired some shelving.

New Business:

  • Upcoming elections for Club officers was discussed. Most agreed to be placed on the ballot to serve again with the exception of Vice President John Luce, who would prefer to see someone else take on that role. The Club membership will be encouraged to consider any of these roles if interested.
  • Mitch reported Lyle has purchased a Yaesu FTM-100 for $200 for Club use.

Motion for reimbursement: Ron KØGOP, Second Doug WØDWB, Passed. 

  • The possibility of working with the Emily Fire Department on a possible northern repeater location was discussed. Other options were explored to add coverage for SKYWARN as well as the Mid-MN 150 Sled Dog Race event. A repeater setup could exceed $2500 with hardware, antenna and Heliax, so possible state and county funding should be explored as well as local business and foundation grants. Steve and Mitch will reach out to Becky KDØHBH for her offer of assistance in pursuing these proposals. John will inquire about state / county aid, and Al will check with Emily FD on their new tower timetable.
  • An acquaintance of Dave KEØIUZ has generously offered to donate 100 Cotton LED lighted hats to our Club. They will come in Black and Khaki and we will likely use them as a fundraiser.

The Board Meeting was adjourned at 5:02 PM.


Pat WØOPW gave a presentation on Off-Center Fed (OCF) dipole antenna design. Mitch ADØHJ gave a presentation on the SSTV digital mode.

–Respectfully submitted by Ron KØGOP, Secretary

July 2018 BAARC Secretary Report

BAARC July Board Meeting – July 26, 2018

Present: Doug Bergsnev W0DWB, John Luce W0WY, Mitch Ahrenstorff AD0HJ, Mark Cross KE0LFQ, Al Doree W0RC, Shirley Doree K0DCW, Charles Lane W5CCL, Dave Schuldheisz K0ISZ

Absent: Ron Finger K0GOP, Steve Mott N0CRM, Lyle Amundson K0LFV

Secretary Report: Secretary absent; report not given. Membership is believed to be at 71.

Finance Report: Presented by Doug Bergsnev. Motion to approve as read by Mark Cross and Second by Dave, motion approved.

Upcoming Events:

  • August 18, 2018 – August Picnic and Fox Hunt

BAARC Breakfast, followed by the Fox Hunt at 10 AM (Mitch will hide the Fox). The Potluck luncheon will be after the Fox Hunt.

  • August 25, 2018 – Tailgate at the Crow Wing County Fairgrounds

The event will go from 9 AM to 1 PM. There will be VE Testing available.

  • August 26, 2018 – Triathlon

Mark will be the coordinator, he will need 9 volunteers for the event. The event will start at 6:30 AM.

  • September 27, 2018 – The next BAARC Board and Member Meeting will be at the Fire Hall.

Meeting Notes:

The Board presented a plague in appreciation of the use of their conference room for or meetings.

Repaired the small trailer tire. There were 2 nails in it. The circuit breaker was replaced and ran all new wiring and grounding. The trailer will be kept at Al’s house until the fenced in area is cleaned up.

The High Rise is allowing ATT to upgrade their equipment to 5th Generation.

There is no new info on the EOC.

Remer is out for a while, possible new tower being built.

Mitch was instructed to look up the cost for Heliax and was given a $500.00 limit on the purchase.

We have received 2 new DR-2X.

The website is running slow, Mitch rebooted it but had no effect. He will see if Nick can check it out.

Charles made a motion to adjourn. The motion was 2nd by Doug and approved.


Submitted by Doug W0DWB

All Things HF: September 2018

I cannot say that the month of September was without its incidents. I awoke at 4:00AM one morning on the floor where I had fallen. My next recollection was an ambulance ride to St. Josephs Hospital in Park Rapids then to the emergency room when I blacked out again. The following morning I awoke to find tubes, wires and bags of colored liquid hanging from a stand next to my bed. A Doctor was taking my blood pressure while explaining that I had Pneumonia.

Hot diggity dog and all that good stuff as I asked when I could go home…there was a chuckle then he was gone. Okay, 3 days later I was on my way home to recuperate while playing HF radio.

So, here I am doing just that. There has been spotty DX into Europe along with plenty of operators in the US looking for a good signal to talk to. Since returning from my hospital experience there’s been plenty of rag chew opportunities mostly on 20-meters. Most of my QSO’s were generated by stations answering my CQ as I stood bye for a call. If you’re like me you keep an eye open to one of the many DX spotting sites on the internet so you might jump on a call in Europe to work SSB or perhaps a signal working CW. I might add that there have been some good openings to Central America on both phone along with some on CW.

I’ve made some changes (additions) to my operating table by adding a pull out flat desk top making it easier to write on. My CW paddle is now easier to access plus its no longer crowded with paper and writing materials. Tomorrow is the first day of fall as I prepare to stay busy on HF all the way from fall to the end of winter so I am looking forward to some good HF experiences. A bit of advice::::getting old is not for sissies so hang in there and don’t forget to sit down at your station and call CQ because someone somewhere is listening for your call.

Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/WØZPE

All Things HF: August 2018

All Things HF

August 2018

Change is good. If it weren’t for change we would be wearing loin cloth whilst sleeping in a cave. I don’t always adapt to change quickly, sometimes only when I’m forced to. Changes in our great hobby of Amateur Radio are occurring at warp speed all the while I’m advancing at a snails pace.

The digital modes…they’re here to stay so adapting to SDR radio along with ‘waterfalls’ is not just going to happen someday. Someday is now!! The art of QSLing has changed. The ARRL’s LOTW has redefined the QSL card by going digital. Not me, not me. I want my QSL card for the proof I worked Mongolia or other rather exotic places.

Club Log along with the OQRS system is changing the way Bill Plum is modeling his foreign stamp business which for 35 years has been the resource for those of us that are DXCC operating Hams that have used for foreign stamps to obtain our QSL cards. As his foreign stamp inventory is depleted, it will not be replaced according to Bill Plum. This is all part of change. Just imagine sitting in your luxury condo in a high-rise building operating your remote system with a huge antenna, big amplifier, fancy radio a thousand miles away from CC&R’s that you’re operating from a laptop computer. Its all part of change. (its mind boggling too).

How about those FLEX SDR’s ? Is there no end to change in our hobby or are you like me going along at a snails pace using a mic to talk into along with knobs to turn, buttons to push with a CW paddle at the ready and…perhaps a boat anchor. Like it or not, change is coming, are you ready for change or are you like me chugging along at a snails pace enjoying a good rag chew or perhaps working an ATNO at some exotic place in this wild world of ours. I

n the meantime, sit down at your station to start calling CQ because someone somewhere is listening for your call…don’t disappoint them. So long for now from my station in Huntersville to your station wherever it my be.

Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/WØZPE