All Things HF – August 2021

August 1, 2021

Where did they go? We had sunspots, lots of them until the 3RD week of July then they went ’south’ taking with it the good solar index numbers. Good DX didn’t go away but it was a lot more difficult to work. I did answer a CQ portable from a station in Lugano, Switzerland. Going back to my home town of San Luis Obispo, California, there is a connection with Lugano and the central coast. In the late 1800’s there was an exodus from Lugano to SLO of dozens of dairy farmers starting a new life in the US. The town of Lugano’s official language is Italian.

The Swiss/Italian community in SLO no longer farms but they still speak their native language and have become shakers and movers in their adopted community. I visited Lugano in 1982…it’s a charming and beautiful part of the world. Isn’t it amazing what we as radio operators can do to make this world a nicer place by friendly communication with other Ham radio operators around the world? 

Keep looking ahead as the band conditions improve and perhaps you will make a connection as nice as mine. Keep on keeping on and remember to sit down at your station to call CQ because someone, somewhere, is listening for your call–don’t disappoint them. So long from my station in Huntersville to your station wherever it may be.   

Best 73 es gud DX,


All Things HF

 July 2021 

“Sunspot Cycle 25 Is Coming Alive” 

This catchy slogan bodes well for those of you who have plans to make Ham radio your window to worldwide communications and…go for DXCC credits with an opportunity to make the coveted DXCC Honor Roll. I’ve been working in that direction for the past 22 years with 315 countries worked and 315 countries confirmed. My DXCC credits are for both phone and for CW. 

Also in the news, there are some great DXpeditions coming along this year that will include Bouvet Island and Bangladesh along with several other rare countries. These past several weeks have produced great signals worldwide allowing for fantastic good old fashioned QSO’s and exchanges of information which this wonderful hobby is all about. 

The provocative tee shirt proclaiming FT 8 is Ham radio without the Jibber-Jabber was amusing to me so let me tell you about my tee shirt that proclaims all Hams are not alike, some know CW. I personally will not be operating any of the digital modes but as I’ve always said, there is room for all of the legal modes of communicating in this hobby. My CW operating has renewed and piqued my interest in HF over the past 2 years. Even though the bands produced little opportunity for phone, CW still got the job done. 

I’m approaching my 93rd year so you can imagine how wonderfully this station of mine keeps me entertained. So, off I go to call CQ for some good old down-to-earth conversation with whomever answers my call. No waterfalls or greasy kid stuff here… 

So long from Huntersville for now, and be sure to call CQ from your station wherever it may be as someone, somewhere is listening for your call. Don’t disappoint them. 

Best 73 es gud DX 


June 2021 Secretary’s Report


President: Steve Mott NØCRM
Vice President: Terry May KIØFW
Treasurer: Doug Bergsnev WØDWB
Secretary: Ron Finger KØGOP
Past Presidents: Charles Lane W5CCL, Al Doree WØRC
Director At Large: Lyle Amundson KØLFV
Director of Emergency Communications: John Luce WØWY
Repeater Trustee: Jay Andolshek KAØDYN
Community & Special Events Coordinator: Mark Cross KEØLFQ

Attendees: Lyle KØLFV, Terry KIØFW, Ron KØGOP, John WØWY, Al WØRC, Charles W5CCL, and Dave KØISZ. The Vice President opened the Board Meeting at 5:05 PM.

Secretary’s Report: 

  • Membership roster: 86 members with 63 paid for 2021 (as of membership meeting close).
  • Minutes: The May 2021 Club Minutes were distributed to the Board and posted to the Club website
  • Website: Web graphics will be updated for the BAARC Tailgate Hamfest 2021. June article for Bob WØZPE’s “All Things HF was posted.
  • Correspondence: None.
  • Club membership roster and Gmail recipient list were updated to current status.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The Treasurer’s report was distributed to the board by Charles W5CCL, showing all month’s account transactions and balances to date. All bills are current and paid.

Membership Meeting Programs: 

  • The Vice President reviewed the upcoming membership meetings for July 29, and August which will be our traditional Club picnic at Lum Park, Brainerd.

Digital and Emergency Communications:

  • CWC EOC: John WØWY reported nothing new regarding the new EOC facility. It is still in progress and our Club operating area should be arranged within the next month. Grant funds are available for antenna cabling when they are ready for our relocation at the new facility.
  • ARRL Emergency Coordinator, BAARC Director of Emergency Communications position: John WØWY prepared and distributed to the board a 4-page job description of his 2 former positions as an aide in the selection of interested candidates. The Board thanked him for this helpful guideline.
  • SKYWARN: Al WØRC will type up protocols for using the new NWS chat rooms. Alternate path to NWS-Duluth for severe weather reporting is through their toll free phone number.
  • ARES Central MN Regional Hospital Net: This VHF net occurs at 1PM on the first Wednesday of the month on the Saint Cloud 147.015 repeater. Some of our operators that previously checked in from home are no longer able to access this repeater. Al WØRC suggested we could install a 440 crossband link at one of our repeater sites for this purpose.

Upcoming BAARC Events

  • 2021 Field Day: Lyle KØLFV discussed Club Field Day activities at the CWC Fairgrounds this year. Since we were unable to find a new chairperson to oversee the weekend event onsite, we will participate individually from home or alternate field locations. Club member’s individual station logs can be submitted to the ARRL using each operator’s call sign, but under the BAARC affiliation.
  • Club Storage Container workday: Saturday, July 31; signup sheet at July 29th Club meeting.
  • Tailgate Hamfest: This outdoor event has proved a good option to sustain Club income from sales of donated equipment. We will again plan to host this at the CWC Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 14, 9AM – 1PM.
  • BAARC Picnic: Lum Park, Brainerd, August 21, 11AM. Bring a lunch and beverage; no Fox Hunt this year.

Repeater Trustee & Technical Support

  • Jay KAØDYN has offered to serve as Club Repeater Trustee, and be the official point of contact for the Club repeaters. John WØWY: Motion to appoint, Second: Terry KIØFW, PASSED.
  • Interested members are also sought for re-establishing a Club Technology Committee to plan and manage current needs and plan for future technical development Lyle will ask former members for suggestions.

Old Business:

  • Generator purchase: With the change in Field Day plans, there is not an immediate need. Lyle will check on availability and model updates.
  • The Board will act as the nominations committee for the November, 2021 Club election. Interested members are invited to contact any Board member for consideration.

New Business:

  • Ron KØGOP reported that Club member Bill Schaller NØPUJ successfully tested in Saint Cloud to earn his Extra Class license. Also testing was Bill’s 12 year-old grandson Aden, who passed his Technician Class License as new ham KFØFWB. The board welcomes Aden to the club with a complimentary membership for 2021.

The Board Meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.


Several 2021 ARRL Field Day T-Shirts were awarded in the door prizes.

17 members and guests enjoyed several interesting member presentations on their favorite Ham Radio shirt, and the story behind it.

Ron KØGOP gave a demonstration of the N3FJP Field Day Software that members can use from home or in the field.

—Respectfully submitted by Ron KØGOP, Secretary

All Things HF

June 12, 2021

Band conditions have continued to improve almost on a daily basis with an increase in sunspot numbers along with an increase in the solar flux index. Good signals are worldwide on the HF bands. 

On the late afternoon of June 7th yours truly was on HF calling CQ with my 17 meter beam pointed to the west taking advantage of greyline propagation which I’ve been doing from the git-go…I enjoy rattling chains of California operators. 

An answer to my call came from VK4SX in Queensland, Australia with an S5+ signal and yes, I was surprised to say the least. Calling CQ is what I enjoy most when operating SSB HF. To my way of thinking, having an opportunity to engage another operator in real time with real conversation is the essence of this hobby. 

I don’t mean to exclude operating CW which is quickly becoming (almost) more fun than SSB. This is the very tradition of Ham Radio. Meanwhile, change is happening at ARRL headquarters as a digital transformation is in the making. All well and good but…not for me. I’ll still be pounding brass and calling on SSB rather than looking at waterfalls. 

That’s a wrap for now as I practice what I preach by sitting at my station calling CQ because someone somewhere in this world of traditional radio is listening for your call, don’t disappoint them. So long for now from my station in Huntersville to your radio station wherever it may be… 

Best 73 es gud DX de Bob WØZPE