All Things HF: April 2018

All Things HF

As you get older it seems as though you’re prone to attend more funerals or at least read the obits more often. In the obits column a couple of weeks ago was the demise of Art Bell (W6OBB) who had a long running syndicated early morning radio show titled Coast To Coast AM. Art was quite famous for dealing with the paranormal on his radio show. I must admit that I was not one of his spooky radio show listeners. I never met Art but…in 1997 when the Magic Band was doing its magic, I worked Art Bell on 6-meters at his station in Pahrump, Nevada.

One might ask ‘where the hell is Pahrump anyway ? Well, Pahrump is the home of the Chicken Ranch. If you’re asking what’s the Chicken Ranch ? You’re from the younger generation 2 or 3 times removed and I would suggest you Google Chicken Ranch to become enlightened. So long Art and good DX from your home up there! The strange places one runs into when driving the expanse of our interstate system is amazing. On interstate 15 going through the eastern half of the Mojave Desert is a green road sign with the arrow pointing to Zzyzx Road. Folks, you just can’t make up stuff like that. I worked an operator on 17-meters years ago who lived near Zzyzx as I thought to myself ‘what a great CW call’ oh well, you can’t make that one up either.

Speaking of CW calls, my QSL card for Kosovo (Z6ØA) arrived in the mail courtesy of Club Log and their OQRS QSL service. This brings this old operator to 311 worked and confirmed for DXCC as I march (limp) toward Honor Roll. On another note re: band conditions reported by an expert on the subject of solar activities, the expected minimum for cycle 24 will be the year 2020 so let’s not give up hope. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings…That’s it for now from my station to your station. Don’t forget to sit at your station and call CQ because someone somewhere is listening for you…could be the six call from Zzyzx, you never know.

Best 73 es gud DX from Bob/WØZPE

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