President:?Steve Mott N?CRM
Vice President:?John Luce W?WY
Treasurer:?Doug Bergsnev W?DWB
Secretary:?Ron Finger K?GOP
Past Presidents:?Charles Lane W5CCL, Al Doree W?RC
Director At Large:?Lyle Amundson K?LFV
Director of Emergency Communications:?Dave Schuldheisz K?ISZ
Repeater Trustee:?Mitch Ahrenstorff AD?HJ
Community Events Coordinator:?Mark Cross KE?LFQ

Attendees:?Steve N?CRM, John W?WY, Lyle K?LFV, Doug W?DWB, Ron K?GOP, Al W?RC, Shirley K?DCW, Charles W5CCL, Roger W?WUG, Mark KE?LFQ and Mitch AD?HJ. The President opened the Board Meeting at 4 PM.

Secretary?s Report:?

  • Membership roster: 72 members with 9 unpaid for 2018. The Club roster can be found on the Club website under the?Resources/Members Only?? Current paid members can request an individual password for access via the??Contact Us??form.
  • Minutes: The March 2018 meeting minutes were posted to the?Baarcer??area of the Club website.
  • Correspondence: None.
  • Documents: Updated Club membership roster and Gmail contacts database.
  • Web Banner Art: New Banner Art for April Satellite Program
  • Community & Special Events Coordinator position updated in BAARC Bylaws. Fire department and Crow Wing County Fair Board plaques completed for engraving.
  • Membership ID’s: 1 New Club ID badge made.
  • Motion to accept: John W?WY, SecondAl W?RC,??

Treasurer?s Report:?The Treasurer presented the Treasurer?s report showing all month?s account transactions and balances to date.

  • Motion to accept: Al W?RC, SecondJohn W?WY,?Passed

Membership Meeting Programs:?The President reviewed recent and future Club programs and events. May 24 meeting: BAARC Spring Dinner.

Upcoming Events:?The following events were discussed:

Brainerd Jaycees Run for the Lakes Marathon

  • Saturday, April 28, 2018
  • John W?WY will arrange for use of CWC Sherriff?s Trailer

Breezy Point Airport Fly-In May 5th, 2018

  • Mark KE?LFQ will chair the event
  • Will present sign-up sheet at April meeting

BAARC Spring Dinner May 24, 2018

  • Nisswa Legion ? Prairie Bay to do catering.
  • Still need a program speaker

Digital & Emergency Communications:?

HRA ? High Rise site:

  • Verizon Communications will be moving its equipment to the roof
  • We need to determine what Club antennas we wish to retain and add
  • John W?WY discussed the proposed plan
  • Schedule Saturday May 19th 1000 for Club work session

Other Repeater Sites:

  • Gull Lake:
    • Discussed options for coax and connectors.
  • Crosby:
    • 444.925 DARC room setup for a persistent connection.
  • Crow Wing Power:
    • Computer/controller back online.
  • Cross Lake:
    • No new items.

Old Business:

Add second 2m antenna to CWC Sheriff?s Trailer

  • John Bowen has approved; will use their installer.
  • Al W?RC has purchased antenna for their installation.

Possible Portable Repeater Site at future Remer Fire Station

  • Progress Update
  • Al and John discussed the possibility of obtaining permission to install an antenna, coax and power at the new Fire Station site in Remer, MN.
  • This would allow for setting up a temporary portable Club repeater for use during Club-staffed events like the Mid-MN 150 Sled Dog Race and SKYWARN.
  • Brainerd Fire Chief Tim Holmes will contact the Remer FD as an introduction.

Purchase Upgrade for Yaesu Fusion DR Repeater #5 for $300

Motion to accept: Lyle K?LFV, Second?Al W?RC,?Passed.?

The Board Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.


The President opened the Club membership business meeting at 7 PM with 36 members and guests present. Paul KE?PBR gave an informative program on Amateur Radio Satellite Communication.?Ron K?GOP, Secretary

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