BAARC Supports Brainerd JC’s Ice Fishing Extravaganza 2017

The Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club worked communications for the Brainerd JC?s Ice Fishing Extravaganza on Saturday, January 28, 2017.
We would like to thank the following members that worked the event. John W?WY was our shuttle driver getting BAARC operators picked up from and delivered back to the parking lots. Michael KE?AFZ and guest worked center ice keeping us informed of what was going on; Terry KI?FW was our medical tent operator; CJ W?WUH, Leon KE?AFY, Bob KR6RCO, Nick W?NY, and Dave KD?VJL covered our bucket checkpoints. Mark KE?LFQ covered the bus stop for us. Dave KE?IUZ worked at the handicap access area. Al W?RC was our ?on-ice? rover and ATV transporter of operators to and from center ice. Alan AA?AS and Shirley K?DCW were our net control operators for this event.
The BAARC and its operators were thanked by the JC?s for a great job well done. Thank You to everyone that worked this event.
Al W?RC & Shirley K?DC

No Pictures of the event were available at posting time.

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