January Club Meeting

The first club meeting of 2017 (January 26)?found the club visiting the classroom of Brainerd?s Forestview middle school High Altitude Balloon Class.? Mr. Reed and Mr. Olson invited the club to review this year?s plans and progress of the class.
The first order of business was to present our long-standing club member and repeater trustee Fritz Bertelt W0KO a plaque recognizing his many years of unwavering support for the club was presented to Fritz.
Various class members spoke about their payload designs and engineering activities to ensure a successful flight. The class has 6 payloads that will be critiqued by all members of the class and guidance by the Mr. Reed and Mr. Olson. These 6 payloads will be reduced to total of 3 final payloads.
This year the payloads will include updated cameras, they have 3 new GoPro cameras that weigh approximately the same weight as their previous single camera.? For more information please look at the balloon class website.? http://hab.forestviewmultimedia.com/project.html
Please see photos below (courtesy of Miles Lowe and Steve Mott)

Fritz Bertelt W0KO accepting his recognition plaque.


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